The Cobalt Mines and the Kittelsen Museum

The Cobalt Mines extend over the 3-km-long Skuterud Ridge. It was here that cobalt ore was first discovered in 1772, forming the basis for the Cobalt Works. This unique cultural landscape was shaped by the miners who took millions of tons of rock from the mountains—by hand. The area has been well-designed for excursions and is easily accessible.


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Our most popular guided tour, Historical Mining Tour, in the Cobalt Mines is packed with history and excitement!


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Opening hours

May 21 - June 17
Saturday - Sunday 11 - 17
Open May 26 and 27 (Ascension day) 11 - 17
Open 2. Pentecost 11 - 17
June 18 - August 14
Every day 11 - 17
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August 15 - September 25
Saturday - Sunday 11 - 17

An eight-kilometer drive on the old Malmveien from Blaafarveværket is the start of this adventure up on the hill. The ore road was built in 1836 to transport ore from the Cobalt Mines down to the Blaafarveværket, and was at one time one of the country's busiest roads.

Today, the road follows the exact same route as when it was built, and along the way you can see both the beautiful cultural landscape and the "troll" in Overnskreia. The cobalt mines, which in the middle of the 19th century were Norway's largest workplace, are a fantastic area that reveals itself when you get up. It just has to be experienced.

If you are going to visit the Cobalt Mines, and we hope you do, we recommend setting aside an entire day. There is so much to see and do, simply!

Take your starting point in Gruvekroa on Gruvetråkka. Here you get all the information you need, you can buy tickets for guided tours in the Cobalt Mines - and we serve homemade food that can be enjoyed both outside and inside.

We have three different guided tours in the Cobalt Mines, and there are tours several times every day. Take a look at the pages here, and talk to the staff, and you will find the trip that suits you or your group!

Gruvetråkka is the yard which is surrounded by a number of buildings. Scheidehuset, Bergmesterstuen and Marketenteriet have been reconstructed in their original form and converted into museums. Here you get an insight into working methods and work tools from the mining industry, with samples from our rich archive material. Barnas Verksted and Barnas Hus are also located on the mining track. Here the little ones can try their hand at carpentry, nature trails and much more.

The cobalt mines are a fantastic hiking area, and we have therefore arranged two cultural trails. Nordgruvene Rundt and Sydgruvene Rundt take you past the huge open pits and rock mounds. You will also experience unforgettable viewpoints with panoramic views of the Tyrifjord and Vikersundbakken.

DNT has marked an 11 km long path all the way from Haugfoss and up to the unattended tourist cabin Koboltkoia - idyllically located on the North Mines. There is also a very interesting cultural trail that takes you to the old settlements in the area.

The Kittelsen Museum is also located here by the Cobalt Mines. This building was once home to the miners, while today it creates an adventurous setting around the exhibition for our national artist Theodor Kittelsen. Right behind the museum is a tourist binoculars that give you an insane panoramic view of Modum, Tyrifjorden and Ringerike. What better way to honor one of our greatest Norwegian nature painters?

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The Cobalt Mines and the Kittelsen Museum