The hunt for cobalt

For the occasion of the 250th anniversary of the discovery of cobalt ore in 2022, we have through research found the place where the first ore-containing rock was found.

Where The Cobalt Mines (outdoors)
Suitable for Adults
Duration 1.5 hours
Adapted for Walking (terrainwheelchairs and trolleys are ok)

In the Miner's House at the Mining Yard you can see an exhibition about Ole Witloch. This is the man who found cobalt ore at Skuterud Ridge in 1772, the first hunt for cobalt! Through our archive, we have a good clue as to what Ole Witloch's possessions were when he passed away. This is how we could recreate his environment.

Follow our cultural trail The North Mines Trail, up to the discovery site. New research sheds light on the discovery in 1772 and the trial operation in the following years before the construction of the Blaafarveværket in 1776. With the help of historians and researchers Bjørn Ivar Berg we can now with great certainty, in the search for cobalt, mark exactly where the first discovery was made. The location is marked in the open pit at Nordgruvene. Look for an orange ballfender!

The culture trail around the northern mines runs along the open pits. The tour is suitable for adults and is approx. 2 km long. Along the way, you experience great viewpoints and get up close to the part of mining that did not go underground. The walk is signposted so you can walk yourself.

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