Families with children

A visit here includes experiences for the whole family. We know what it’s like to be on a trip with impatient children in the car. You’ll be glad to know that our most popular offerings for children are free - and close to where you parked!

The park area at Værket has both a playground and a swimming area. Here it is also good with tables and benches for relaxation - and a nice base while the children frolic in the slide and sandbox. Or how about a little dip on hot summer days?

Food is important for both young and old. We have three restaurants with good food options for children at all places. We are also of course helpful with heating baby porridge for the very youngest. And fear not: We sell ice cream at all our eateries! What is a museum trip without?

Our Cultural Trails around the Works and the Cobalt Mines are nice round trips with children. Especially "Blaafarveværket Rundt", where you can cross the river on a raft, is fun for the kids.

Children's Farm is located next to the car park at the Cobalt Works. Here calves and goats are eager to welcome your little ones. They will also meet pigs, rabbits, chickens and ducks—and, if their timing’s good, the chickens may be hatching eggs in the barn.

Children’s Bouldering Cave is an exciting destination for active children. Inside a cave in the mountains at the Cobalt Works, we have created a safe, climbing adventure trail. Outside the cave, there’s more climbing to do on a horizontal boulder wall.

Children's Carpentry Workshop at the Cobalt Mines gives both young and older children an opportunity for some good, old-fashioned work with saw, hammer and nail.

The Mining Yard, or Gruvetråkka, is the center of all activity at the Cobalt Mines. In addition to enjoying the Children’s Carpentry Workshop, kids can have fun exploring the Children’s House and the other nearby dwellings.

Children's Mining Tour is a guided exploration of the Cobalt Mines designed especially for children and their families. Be sure to check our tours page for more information! You must have tickets for this trip.

The art exhibitions has got free admission for children under 15 years. At The Works we have a new exhibition every year, while at the Cobalt Mines the The Kittelsen MuseumThis remarkable museum features a wonderful collection of Theodor Kittelsen’s trolls, fairy tales and nature paintings.

Geiter og barn på Barnas Bondegård på Blaafarveværket.

Children's farm

Barnas buldrehule på Blaafarveværket.

Children’s Bouldering Cave

Children's Mine Tour

The Children’s Mine Tour is an educational trip for the whole family, a great introduction to the Cobalt Mines - and one of our most exciting activities for children.

Bløtkake, rømmegrøt og lefsekling på Blaafarveværket.

Food and drink

Parkeringsplassen på Blaafarveværket.


rullestoler i clara stoll, historisk gruvetur, Koboltgruvene.

Special needs

Cultural trails

Haugfossen med vannhjul

Blaafarveværket Rundt

Arbeiderbolig nummer 9 på Nymoen.

around Nymoen

Dagbrudd i Nordgruvene, med blåse som markerer første malmfunn. Tone Steinsvik som ser utover. Koboltgruvene.

The North Mines Trail

Sydgruvene, Koboltgruvene. Kultursti

South Mines Trail