Free parking is always available!

At the Cobalt Works, we have over 500 parking spaces plus additional areas for large events. The Cobalt Mines has a main car park with space for approx. 100 cars and here too our capacity can be expanded for large events or on busy, well-attended days. There are separate bus and disabled parking areas. At Haugfossen and on Haugfosstråkka, there is parking in front of the shops and café as well as private parking on the other side of the river. Nyfossum has its own parking space with a capacity of approx. 100 cars.

Charging an electric car

Free charging of electric cars is available at the Cobalt Works and the Cobalt Mines. Our charging points take type 2 contact. Type 2 is the standard connector for charging an electric car in Europe and all new electric cars can charge on a type 2 connector, with the correct cable.


At all our arenas there are bicycle racks where you can lock your bicycle.