The Blue Shop

Scandinavia’s largest collection of cobalt-blue glass can be found at the Cobalt Works. In the Glass Smeltery, or Farvemøllen, molten glass was finely crushed into blue toner. Today, it’s also where you find Den Blå Butikk, "The Blue Shop."

Located in the old mill building, surrounded by a historical exhibition of blue-painted porcelain and glass, this is a shop of dreams!

Blue glass can be so much, but cobalt blue glass is something hero ownThe clear, clean color of cobalt blue gives our glass its special glow - and nowhere can you find more of it than here. Much of our selection is produced exclusively for us by glassblowers and glass manufacturers both in Norway and abroad.

You’ll learn about our customer base from all over the world, represented by our permanent collection of vintage cobalt blue glass and exquisite porcelain. You’ll also find wonderful glass for sale in all price ranges. Whether you’re looking for a small gift for someone special or a striking memento of your trip, you must stop by The Blue Shop.