Children’s Bouldering Cave

Opposite the Glass Cabin, there’s a mysterious cave in the mountain. Visitors young and old have been drawn to it over the years - and wondered what it was.

Designed in collaboration with experts from Høyt & Lavt climbing parks, the cave’s challenges begin at a circular trail where children are urged to master different elements made of wood and rope. “Dogan’s ladder”, “Fleas jump” and “Balance rope” are among the challenges in the cave. Outside, there’s a horizontal climbing traverse on the mountain wall. Do you dare try it?

Noen spør seg om dette er selve Koboltgruvene? Andre skaper sine egne teorier om hulen, og mange barn mener at trollet bor der. Mystikken lever fremdeles, men bruksområdet er klart: For dette er BARNAS BULDREHULE!

This is an innovative, self-guided, free activity for active children who like exploring on their own - or with adults. The cave is completely well-secured, and no additional safety equipment is necessary.

When you visit, you’ll be greeted by the image of a gentle crab above the entrance. This is our mascot, Kobald, designed by local artist Bjørn Båsel. We look forward to seeing children enjoy the Children’s Bouldering Cave this summer!