The Barrelmaker's Inn

Once upon a time—as you may have guessed by the name—there was a barrelmaker’s workshop and smithy here. Today, barrels have been replaced by tasty meals and the Barrelmaker’s Inn is our Cobalt Works restaurant, where fresh, delicious food is made in our own kitchen.

Summer menu - soon to come!

On the banks of the Simoa River, the Barrelmaker’s Inn has a very traditional menu, so you can enjoy the same authentic Norwegian lunches and dinner that we’ve offered for over 40 years.

Our signature dishes - including homemade sour cream porridge, stew and lefsekling—are enjoyed by thousands of visitors every summer. We offer both indoor and outdoor dining. Because of the lovely park setting right outside the door, many visitors have fond memories of dining al fresco here during a summer visit to the Cobalt Works Museum. We hope you will join them!

Did you know that our stew is inspired by former "TV-chef" Ingrid Espelid Hovig and developed by director Tone Sinding Steinsvik? The idea behind it was to develop a meal where all the ingredients had been prepared in advance so that you could quickly offer the stew regardless of whether there were 10 or 1,000 visitors to the museum.

The Barrelmaker's Inn was originally two buildings. The south end where the counter is was in the old days a forge. The northern end, where you can sit inside and enjoy the food on a gray weather day, was a cooper's or a barrelmaker's workshop. Hence the name The Barrelmakers's Inn. In the barrelmaker's workshop, they made the barrels in which the finished cobalt pigment was transported to all corners of the world.

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