Everyone talks about the forrest - 2024

New art exhibition at Blaafarveværket, opens 11 May 2024

Opens Saturday May 11th 2024

It is not long ago that the forest was the place where we lived our lives. Today the forest is the place we actively seek to return to. For the artists, the forest has provided diverse motifs. The exhibition at Blaafarveværket will show a wide selection of motifs created by Norwegian artists in the 19th century, each of whom in their own way have given us passages into the wonderful world of the forest.

Through the exhibition, you will encounter the artists' attempts to depict the forest, in an exhibition that spans time from the romantic depictions of the 19th century and well into the present day. Not only the artistic forms of expression, but also the view of nature changes during the period the exhibition will present, from the romantic 19th century and well into our time. Among the exhibited works we find central works by, among others, Hans Gude, Frits Thaulow, August Cappelen and Theodor Kittelsen.

More information about the exhibition is coming.

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