Cultural Trail around Nymoen

Explore the cultural trail around Nymoen

Discover the Cobalt Works’ social history with visits to Nymoen and Nymogaten, areas that were regulated in 1779 for skilled workers’ housing. Several of the original structures still remain - and by taking this route you’ll experience fascinating traces of the workmen’s old living environment. Informative signs provide details about everything from living conditions to school operations. A few of these, from workers’ housing to directors’ housing, are open to the public and feature their own exhibits.

Although some original houses have been demolished or rebuilt in favor of newer, detached houses, there are still a few that stand as they were built over 200 years ago, such as Worker’s House No. 9 and Nymoen School. In both, you will find thought-provoking exhibits.

Further on, the stately Director’s House has a beautiful garden, with herbs, roses, a pavilion and carp pond, which is also open to the public. You’ll also find a store and a kiosk selling refreshments here. On the way down to the Cobalt Works, you pass the Doctor’s Farm, which is privately owned, and the old material manager’s residence.

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