Worker’s House No. 9

Worker’s House No. 9 in Nymoen is a unique self-guided museum of social history, and an easy stop on the Nymoen Rundt, or cultural trail. Walking past the old houses here and in Nymogaten, you’ll get a real feeling for how workers and their families lived in the 19th century.

Audio and visual displays at Worker’s House No. 9 describe daily life in the 1840s, including what workers and their families ate for dinner. Peek into the living room, kitchen and widow’s room but don’t be alarmed if you hear voices: storytelling here is designed for your ears as well as your eyes!

If you’re interested in architecture, further exploration around Nymoen is recommended. Here you can follow changes and development in local building from the end of the 18th century through today.

A pair of outbuildings here offer historical craft exhibits: a chair factory and a shoemaker’s workshop.

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