Madame Reiff's shop

Next to the General Store is an almost-hidden gem of a shop called Madame Reiff’s. Shopping here is like a treasure hunt: you’re sure to discover unusual jewelry and accessories.

Semi-precious stones have been used in jewelry for thousands of years—and Madame Reiff’s has a unique selection of well-designed pieces, along with a tantalizing array of loose stones and minerals.

Named for a local guesthouse proprietress from the end of the 19th century, the building has housed a shop even longer than that—and today you’ll find wrought-iron candlesticks, leather bags, gloves and other hand-crafted items for sale. Blankets, napkins and linen for curtains are also popular items in this small, cozy shop. In fact, if you take a look around the Cobalt Work Museums’ shops and cafés, you’ll notice we use this same linen fabric for our own curtains! Madame Reiff was famous for providing her guests with good service, just as we like to do.