The General Store

Come and experience an authentic old-fashioned general store!

Du ser det allerede umiddelbart du kommer inn i Landhandleriet på Haugfoss: Her får du ikke akkurat kjøpt nymotens elektronikk. For her har det vært butikk i 250 år, og mye er egentlig akkurat som det var. 

What is for sale, you ask? The General Store at Haugfoss is known for its drops - of the old-fashioned candy variety. Stop by for some King of Denmarks, a few polka dots or a bag of roasted almonds. Do you love caramels, licorice and chocolate? Rest assured there are plenty of goodies in stock here.

We also have old-fashioned wooden toys, household items, specialty teas and freshly ground coffee. Even a playroom! Welcome to the General Store.

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