Public engagement and DKS at the Cobalt Works


For 50 years, the Modum Blaafarveværk Foundation has shared part of Norway’s mining history and Norwegian and Nordic art history with the public. The museum’s varied public engagement practice is suitable for everyone - families with children, history and art enthusiasts, pensioners and school classes, and anyone in-between. If you have reduced mobility and vision, adapted tours are of course available. The Cobalt Works Museum offers a number of programs through "The Cultural Schoolbag" (School programme), such as

  • Blue pearl (chemical experiment) with mining trip - suitable from 4th grade to 3rd grade of high school.
  • Children's mining trip - for kindergartens and primary schools
  • Dissemination at the Kittelsen Museum - for kindergartens and primary schools
  • Workshop on annual exhibitions - for 8th grade. Nymoen and the Director’s Residence at Nyfossum has a permanent exhibition, while The Timber Barn at Nyfossum and the exhibition at Blaafarveværket (the Cobalt Works) change every single year.
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Children's Mining Tour

At Blue pearl

Mining safari

Historical mining tour

The Kittelsen Museum

Nyfossum - the rune stone

The tunnel of the senses