The Blue Shop

You can find Scandinavia's largest selection of cobalt blue glass in The Blue Shop at the Cobalt Works. Surrounded by a historical display of porcelain and glass, it is truly a shop to get lost in like a dream.

There are many types of blue glass, but cobalt blue glass is something very special. The clear, pure colour gives the glass a special glow, and nowhere in the Nordic region can you find more of it than here. Much of what you find here has been specially produced for us, and is not available anywhere else. The glass comes from glassblowers and glass producers in Norway and abroad.

The Blue Shop is in the old mill building at the Cobalt Works. This is where the old millstones turned, to grind the blue glass into the fine cobalt pigment known as ‘smalt’. On the walls of the Blue Shop you can read a little about the Cobalt Works and Mines global customer base, from the days when the Cobalt Works and Mines supplied 80% of all the cobalt pigment in the world. We also have a permanent collection of cobalt blue glass and porcelain.

We stock a huge selection of unusual products to suit every pocket. You can also find a wide range of our popular handmade rag rugs. If you want to treat yourself to a memento of your visit or buy a small gift for someone else, this is the place for you.

NB! Special opening dates May 8 – May 21. Click here for all opening dates and hours.