Special needs

The Cobalt Works and Mines is open and accessible to all our visitors. We have tried to preserve as much of the original as possible, so that the Cobalt Works and Mines seems as authentic as possible. With a challenging landscape and old heritage buildings, it is difficult to make everywhere accessible to people with mobility impairments. One of the activities we can recommend is our historical mine tour in the Cobalt Mines, which is suitable for wheelchairs. The Miners’ Inn at the Cobalt Mines and Barrelmakers’ Inn are both suitable for wheelchairs. We have a lift in the art exhibition at the Cobalt Works, wheelchairs to borrow in the Cobalt Mines and Cobalt Works, and all our sites have disabled toilets.

Naturally, all our car parks have designated spaces reserved for the disabled. You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions about your visit to us.

Dogs are welcome here. We have extensive park areas where there is plenty of space for our four-legged friends to frolic around. You are welcome to keep your dogs with you in the museums, provided that you observe the rule of keeping them on the lead. Dogs must stay outside the Children’s Farm, since the animals in there roam around freely. Dogs also have no admission inside the buildings at the museum. If your dog needs water, please just ask in one of our cafés, and we will provide you with a bowl of water for them.