Parking here is always free. At the Cobalt Works we have more than 500 parking spaces, and are able to provide additional capacity for big events. The Cobalt Mines have a main car park with spaces for around 100 cars, and we are also able to extend this capacity for big events and on busy days. Disabled parking and coach parking are in a separate car park. For Haugfoss waterfall and the shops and café in the Haugfosstråkka area, there are parking facilities in front of the shops and café, as well as a car park on the other side of the river. Nyfossum also has its own car park, with capacity for around 100 cars.

Charging electric vehicles

We offer free charging of electric vehicles at the Cobalt Works and the Cobalt Mines. Our charging points are compatible with type 2 socket. Type 2 is the standard socket for electric vehicles in Europe.