Autumn at Haugfoss and the Cobalt Mines

True to tradition, we are open during the autumn holidays at Haugfoss and the Koboltgruvene.

Opening hours:

30th Sep - 8th. Oct.: Every day 12-5pm

The Cobalt Mines and the Kittelsen Museum:
30. sep. and 1st Oct.: 12 - 5pm
5th Oct. - 8th Oct.: 12 - 5pm

At Haugfoss, the General Store and Madame Reiff's shop are open with their varied selection of everything from sweets to jewelery and of course lots of great things for autumn and winter. Thranestua café is also open with freshly baked waffles and other lunch dishes that you can enjoy both inside our atmospheric premises or outside in the autumn sun above the Haugfossen waterfall.

At the Cobalt Mines you can join the Familiy Tour in the Cobalt Mines at 1pm and 3pm. The tour takes just over an hour and along the way you experience both the underground glass floor, the suspension bridge and you get to experience the chemical experiment "Blue Pearl".

Sunday 8th August at 12.30pm you can join this year's last Mine Safari in the Cobalt Mines. The tour is 3 hours long and goes into the heart of the mines. Read more about it here!

At the Kittelsen Museum, this is the last chance to experience Fredrik Skavlan's drawings in the gallery. The exhibition has been very well received this summer and together with Theodor Kittelsen's adventurous world, the museum is worth a visit in itself.

The Miner's Inn is open, and large hiking areas in a fantastic cultural landscape invite you to great experiences in the great outdoors.

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