Thranestua Café

Our cosy cafe in Haugfosstråkka along Country Road 287 offers outdoor seating with a picturesque view of the Haugfossen Waterfall. Our fresh, homemade waffles with homemade strawberry jam and pancakes are popular specialities.

This summer will be slightly different than earlier but Thranestua café is open as usual. The menu is a bit shorter than normal but dont’t worry, we still serve out famous waffles and pancakes.

As a nice break for lunsh during a visit at the Cobalt Works, the café has got all you need to raise the mood in the backseat.

The name of the cafeteria is from Marcus Thrane, a famous leader from the labour movement during the 1800’s. Thrane worked as a private teacher and lived in the same building as the cafeteria is located today. This building was moved here in the 1980’s and is now housing our cosy cafeteria.

After a nice meal, please visit the shops near by and check out the view on the waterfalls from the bridge, built in 1837.

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