Museum Shop

At the entrance of the art exhibition at the Cobalt Works is our Museum Shop where tickets are sold. Here we have a wide selection of art books, postcards, posters and other souvenirs related to our art exhibitions over the course of 40 years.

For every one of the art exhibitions we have held at the Cobalt Works and Mines, we have made a little book, to which we and guest writers have contributed with articles about the artists and the works included in the exhibitions. Every year we also issue a new selection of postcards and posters on various themes. We can guarantee that you will have come across our posters somewhere – in an office, a cabin, or you might even have one on your own wall.

We also make and sell other souvenirs such as mugs, glass, magnets, etc. Some of our most stylish souvenirs are the fine-art scarves based on the works of Theodor Kittelsen and Ida Lorentzen.

The Museum Shop also offers a number of unique ceramic and glass products. The geranium display in the entrance is also popular. The stunning geraniums are cultivated in the local area, by Anne Solberg to be exact; she lives in what used to be the Cobalt Works and Mines’ Accountant’s Farm. We sell cuttings of these flowers, which means that you can grow them yourself if you want.

You can also buy tickets in the Museum Shop to all our art exhibitions.

NB! Special opening dates May 8 – May 21. Click here for all opening dates and hours.