Mine Shop and information

Tickets for all guided tours in the Cobalt Mines are sold in the Mine Shop, which is located inside the Miners' Inn at Gruvetråkka.

The Mine Shop is the starting point for our fascinating tours into the mountain. We also sell a range of souvenirs and other items relating to the Cobalt Mines. If you are wondering which mine tour is best for you and your party, we are happy to help you with recommendations. We also have information about the cultural trails in the area, and the mining museums which are free to visit.

Did you know that several feature films have been recorded in and around the Cobalt Mines? ‘Blue Mountain II: Search for the Magic Horn’ was an extremely popular film when it was shown in cinemas in 2011. Major sections of the film were recorded in the Cobalt Mines, and you can find a range of products relating to the film in the Mine Shop. ‘Ragnarok Riddle’ is another film which was partly recorded in the Cobalt Mines.

If you would like a memento of the Cobalt Mines, you will find one here. Souvenir stones, cobalt blue glass and genuine cobalt blue pigment are just some of what we stock in our little shop at the Cobalt Mines.

Find out more about the Mine Cheese which is made and matured in the Cobalt Mines. You can buy some to take home with you in the Miners’ Inn.

NB! Opening May 22. Click here for all opening dates and hours.

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