The Kittelsen Museum

Featuring majestic views of Modum, Tyrifjord Lake and Ringerike, the Kittelsen Museum is located on Skuterud Ridge (350 masl) at the Cobalt Mines. Here you can experience one of Norway’s largest collections of original works by the famous fairytale artist Theodor Kittelsen (1857–1914).

Elves and trolls, drawings and wood carvings, paintings and spinning tops: Kittelsen was a multi-talented artist and the proof is here.

Do you like fairy tales, goblins and trolls? Or do you prefer being frightened by darker characters, like the shape-shifting water spirit Nøkken or Pesta, the plague hag? Either way, the Kittelsen Museum is not to be missed!

The new Kittelsen Museum

Our permanent Kittelsen collection is constantly growing so, in 2021, the Kittelsen Museum added a new entrance that provides more exhibition space for our approx. 100 Kittelsen works. Acquired over more than three decades, the collection encompasses some of his most famous pictures, including Nøkken as a white horse from 1909. Nøkken som hvit hest fra 1909 og Bergtrold fra 1905.

The expanded entrance area also houses ticket sales, plus a small gift shop with books about Kittelsen and Kittelsen souvenirs specially produced for the museum. There’s even a meditation room with its own spectacular view!

The story

The story of the Kittelsen Museum at the Cobalt Mines began in 1987, when Kittelsen’s surviving children, Nanna and Helge Theodor, knocked on the Cobalt Works’ door. Could we imagine building a permanent museum for Kittelsen’s art? In return, they offered to donate a number of their father’s personal items, including his furniture and painting supplies. Naturally, the answer was yes! This happened just as the Cobalt Works Museum was working to restore the industrial and cultural landmarks of the Cobalt Mines and open them to the public. It seems fitting that a former miners’ residence, with a majestic location on Skuterud Ridge, be transformed into a museum for an artist so inspired by the region’s nature and folktales.

On May 21, 1993, the Kittelsen Museum was officially opened by King Harald V. Since then, we have built up the collection with annual purchases of paintings and drawings, including such masterpieces as New Year’s New, 1905, Husmand, 1913 and Bergtrold, 1905. Kittelsen’s humorous side is on view in works such as Elves and dwarves build in the rock, 1907, and Å hut tu!, 1903. Several works on exhibit are owned by Sparebankstiftelsen DNB and have been lent to the museum. Nøkken på hvit hest, 1909, Nyttårsny, 1905, Husmand, 1913 og Bergtrold, 1905. Humoristen Kittelsen kommer frem i verker som Nisser og dverge bygger i berget, 1907, og Å hutte tu! 1903. Flere verker som eies av Sparebankstiftelsen DNB, er også deponert til museet og kan sees her.

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