Jakten på kobolten – jubileumstur

For the occasion of the 250th anniversary of the discovery of cobalt ore this year, we have through research found the place where the first ore-containing rock was found.

Where The Cobalt Mines (outdoors)
Suitable for Adults
Duration 1.5 hours
Adapted for Walking (terrainwheelchairs and trolleys are ok)

Start with the exhibition in ”Bergmesterstuen” at the Mining Yard about Ole Witloch, the man who found the cobalt. Then you can follow the open casts up to to the North Mines. New historical research sheds light on the discovery in 1772 and
trial operation in the following years before the construction of the Cobalt Works in 1776.

Follow the signs to the North Mines. The round trip is customized for adults and is approximately 2 km.

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