About the foundation

The Cobalt Works of Modum Foundation (founded in 1971) was consolidated in accordance with the Museum Reform of 2004. This gave the museum a formal and inspiring platform for further initiatives.

The museum’s operations are currently based around managing and teaching the industrial history generated by the extraction of cobalt (80% of global production) in what was once the biggest industrial operation in Norway (1773- 1893).

Over a 40 year period, it has built the site up into a meeting point where a wide-ranging audience can enjoy good quality experiences relating to art, culture and nature, and acquire knowledge The museum provides a full range of recreational facilities for the whole family, and is an important part of the tourism infrastructure of the region.

The industrial museum is currently made up of 60 different buildings with a total footprint of around 8000 m2, mines, internal roads and bridges, in an area of 437,000 m2.